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How It Works

An extremely effective set of social interaction tools elevates communication and interaction among attendees and exhibitors. Real time group and one-to-one chat, forums, blogs, on-the-fly language translation, personalized badges and avatars make each event unique, socially rich, and extremely interactive.

Virtual Trade Building
Virtual Exhibitor Hall

Virtual Hall
Virtual Building


Virtual environments offer incremental levels of market and brand visibility, promotion and lead generation. Register for a booth. Virtual sponsors and exhibitors can take advantage of these opportunities. When registering for a virtual event, attendees can upload important personal or corporate documents such as business cards, brochures (MS Word, pdf format). When engaged in one-on-one chat, all users can request each other's documents. This fosters dialogue between exhibitor and attendees.    more...(on/off)


Vendors that have paid for a Vendor booth may submit promotional material in advance. Register for a booth.

Vendors that need media coverage may submit media kits and news releases to be posted on the website prior to event. All news articles, releases should be e-mailed to in MS Word format.


Interactive technology can effectively replicate a physical show experience in a number of key ways:

Event Registration

Like their physical counterparts, virtual attendees can register online and review exhibitor lists and forums to attend keynote conferences, panel discussions and media releases. Register for a booth.

Show Environment

Virtual events can visually and dimensionally replicate classic exhibition structure. Visitors can navigate and explore halls, booths, auditoriums, and meeting areas as well as interact with other sponsors and attendees. They can engage with booth or sales representatives, watch live and on-demand videos and demonstrations, download materials to their digital carry bag, and then review product or service information at their leisure.


Just as physical show attendees have the opportunity to interact with each other live, visitors to virtual events can network through a live chat system at any point. They can see who is in the immediate area and invite other participants to engage in a one-to-one or one-to-many online chat or with a booth representative or speaker. Here there is no geographical boundary.

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